About Us

Rock Realty limited is a leading real estate firm in Nigeria, Our services include mortgage brokerage and advisory, real estate development, consultancy and property sale. Our major aim is to work with middle income earners to purchase their first homes and also create real estate income portfolio that is tailored to thier income profile in Nigeria and across West-Africa.

Rock Realty is a unique real estate advisory Company which provides both buy side and sell side advisory to players along the real estate value chain. Our services are significantly tailored to the middle class, and we focus on ensuring there are products available for the market; which make home ownership & real estate investments seamlessly achievable for the middle class.

Rock Realty demystifies the phobia that exists in the minds of the young African career-starter which makes them believe that home ownership and real estate investing is only for the very rich.

We work with young career building youths to own their homes, and to invest wisely and strategically in real estate investments. We also provide advisory services to developers to ensure rightly priced products are being provided for the right target market; therefor shortening investment exit timing. In addition, we offer sales advisory and mortgage brokerage services to interested home buyers

Our services are delivered with an impeccable sense of value-addition, business integrity, extreme professionalism & pragmatic solutions.