Our Services

Our main goal is to satisfy our customers and their businesses. Rock Realty Limited offers numerous services strategically driven to fulfill the needs of our customers. The wide range of services that we offer caters for the individuals as well as for corporate businesses.

Housing for Millennials

Rock Realty provides advisory services to young individuals and families towards home purchase and intentional real estate investments. We further work with these clients by matching them with middle income products within the real estate market which include middle income properties available, mortgage products that align with their needs, structured housing finance products and payment plans that make the ownership of real estate achievable for middle income earners.

Real Estate Development

Rock Realty creates housing developments for millennials; with contemporary designs, manageable spaces, functional utilities and right pricing. Our properties are located within town and are conveniently located with ease of access to major central business districts – where most of our clients work.

Millennial Real Estate Advocacy & Training

Rock Realty provides advisory sessions for staff of corporate organisations and other youth groups on how to begin investments in real estate and home ownership. We seek to gradually begin to re-orientate African youths towards commencing real estate investments early in life and building their real estate portfolio as they build their career.