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Rock Realty Limited.

Rock Realty is a unique real estate advisory Company whose services are significantly tailored to the middle class, and we focus on working with groups of subscribers in the planning of our projects to make home ownership & real estate investments seamlessly achievable for the middle class.

We demystify the phobia that exists in the minds of the young African career-starters which makes them believe that home ownership and real estate investing is only for the very rich.

Rock Realty demystifies the phobia that exists in the minds of the young African career-starter which makes them believe that home ownership and real estate investing is only for the very rich.

We work with young career building youths to own their homes, and to invest wisely and strategically in real estate investments. We also provide advisory services to other developers developers to ensure rightly priced products are being provided for the right target market; therefor shortening investment exit timing.

Our estates are developed with utmost functionality & quality and our services are delivered with an impeccable sense of value-addition, business integrity, extreme professionalism & pragmatic solutions.

We are passionate about middle-income home ownership and our projects are geared towards this passion

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We partner with you to see your dreams come true

Sales 90%
Partnership 70%
Investors 80%


To be the leading provider of real estate by market share and value proposition.



To achieve our vision we will deploy versatile and result oriented people, implement world class process, cutting edge technology and innovative products in finance and development.


Core values

Reliable, deliberate, Novel, People- Centric, Wealth Creators.

Our People

At Rock Realty Limited, our people are the heart and soul of our commitment to sustainability and productivity. Together, we strive to create an inclusive workplace where accountability and values are paramount. We empower our team to become their best selves, enabling them to contribute to exceptional business performance and sustainable outcomes. As the real estate landscape evolves, we recognize the importance of assembling the right individuals to join our team. Our goal is to build a company that inspires diverse talents, serving as an industry leader and a catalyst for positive change. We are dedicated to fostering a flexible and inclusive work environment that nurtures individual growth and celebrates success. Rock Realty Limited is more than a real estate development and advisory company; we are a passionate team of highly experienced professionals committed to providing you with the best real estate experience. Our mission is to make homeownership more accessible and attainable for middle-income earners in Nigeria, empowering them to realize their dreams with greater ease than ever before.

Now You Can Own a Home with Ease - Pay with A Blend of 3 Buckets Designed to Facilitate Seamless Real Estate Ownership.

Equity Contribution - Pay Minimum of 30%

Depending on the selected unit type, the investor will be required to pay a minimum equity contribution of 30%. The equity contribution can be spread over a convenient tenure and frequency for the investor.

Retirement Savings Account (RSA) Funds – Access 25% of RSA funds

Collaboratively, we will liaise with you and your Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) to facilitate the processing of 25% of your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) funds. These funds will be allocated towards the payment for your selected unit in the Bold Living 3 project.

National Housing Fund (NHF) Mortgage – Up to N50 million

Investors who contribute up to N25,000 per month to the NHF scheme can access the maximum mortgage amount of N50 million. Our team will provide investors with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process, to ensure the successful acquisition of the NHF mortgage.