Commercial Mortgages


This falls within the scope of Rock Realty Limited in simplifying path to homeownership by assisting subscribers in accessing commercial mortgages. Details on this mortgages depends solely on the financial institution

Role of Rock Realty Limited

It does not end at giving information to interested individuals but holding the hands of applicants through the entire process and this is achievable with our diverse expertise in the Nigerian real estate industry and superb understanding of mortgages.

Upon payment of equity contribution, Rock Realty Limited would assist subscribers in the mortgage application process with an accredited Primary Mortgages Bank for NHF Mortgages and submission of application documents to the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria for Rent-To-Own Mortgages. A key condition here is submission of requisite documents as at when due and requested as this process is time bound.

In circumstances of late disbursement of funds, Rock Realty Limited and subscribers will agree on certain terms which gives subscribers the right to move into their apartments before in time.

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Now You Can Own a Home with Ease - Pay with A Blend of 3 Buckets Designed to Facilitate Seamless Real Estate Ownership.

Equity Contribution - Pay Minimum of 30%

Depending on the selected unit type, the investor will be required to pay a minimum equity contribution of 30%. The equity contribution can be spread over a convenient tenure and frequency for the investor.

Retirement Savings Account (RSA) Funds – Access 25% of RSA funds

Collaboratively, we will liaise with you and your Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) to facilitate the processing of 25% of your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) funds. These funds will be allocated towards the payment for your selected unit in the Bold Living 3 project.

National Housing Fund (NHF) Mortgage – Up to N50 million

Investors who contribute up to N25,000 per month to the NHF scheme can access the maximum mortgage amount of N50 million. Our team will provide investors with comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process, to ensure the successful acquisition of the NHF mortgage.