One of the essentials objectives of Rock Reality Limited is to simplify the path to homeownership for individuals and corporate organizations. This is done by innovative payment plans that incorporate mortages in other to reduce the financial burden and sacrifices that comes with investing in real estate. we employ a mix of Federal mortgage bank schemes and commercial mortgagaes to assist our clients in their journey to homeownership.

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We offer all housing solutions including residential apartments and terraces, school and office complexes, commercial buildiinfgs, etc.

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Yes,you can.

The Primary Mortage Bank is primarily responsible for processing your mortgage, but if you are using primary mortgage bank to ensure that mortgage is processed expenditiously.

N15 Million

.It is the cheapest Mortgage available in Nigeria at 6% interest rate.

.It is long tenured (up to 25 years-tenure capped by the shorter of 25 years and your years to retirement)

.It is your right, as long as you are a contributor to th NHF Scheme and you should exercrise this right.

Homes become more expensive every day and your contribution does not increase in value. So, if your NHF Loan could pay for 50% of the value of a property in 2022, it is not likely to be sufficient for same in 2022 therefore captured better value with the NHF Mortgage.

Most developers do not like to work with the NHF Mortgage as part of the payment plans for homes because the processing of the NHF Mortgage cannot commence before the house is about 90% to 95% completed (before the house is finished). The processing then takes an average of 6 to 12 months after that. This implies that the developer does not get the funds until 6 to 12 months after the home has been completed. Rock Realty has factored this waiting period into the transaction structure for its projects and we are able to allow people use the NHF as part of their payments for homes.

. You can use the NHF Mortgage as part of your payment plan for the units.

. Location are chosen for capital appreciation potentials and other strategic reasons.

. Locations not too far from Central. Business Districts but largely untapped and possess significant capital appreciation potentials in the near future. Bold Living Apartments are pockets of great middle-income havens in those Locations.

. Current Location Focus-Alpha Beach Road (New Road). This is the Last turn to the right before Chevron junction,if coming from Victoria Island.

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